If the service works otherwise fine, but you cannot hear pronunciation models, there might be several reasons for the situation. Let’s try the following in order to solve the situation or at least to isolate the problem.

  1. Are you able to hear voice from any other webpage?
    Try for example: http://www.youtube.com

  1. Are you able to hear the other WordDive pages?
    Try for example: http://www.worddive.com/en/compare-english-variants

  1. Try “force reload” and clearing cache of your browser.

  2. Try another browser if possible. Make sure your browser is updated to the newest version.

  3. Add http://www.worddive.com to the list of trusted sites in your browser. Instructions: Explorer, Chrome & Firefox. Edge does not support trusted sites.

  4. Where do you use the service? If you are using it in the premises of a company, could the company firewall be blocking the downloading of audio files?

  5. Click "Disable HTML5 Autoplay" on the settings of your browser. The latest versions of most of the browsers have this as a default setting. Alternatively, click “Devices” > ”Autoplay” on your computer’s settings.

Use the same browser on which the problems occur and go to this address: https://www.worddive.com/audio-test-howler

Listen to the audio samples and fill the form including your email address. Then press “Send information to WordDive”. This way, we can investigate more. The test page collects additional information on the possible audio problems.

If you can not hear audio on your mobile device, follow these steps.

  • If your device has a Ring/Silent switch, make sure it's set to ring.
  • Open the app. Adjust the volume with the volume buttons.
  • Connect a headset. If you can hear sound through the headset, remove it and clear any dust or debris from the headset port on your device.
  • Make sure your device is updated to the latest version.
  • Restart your device and try again.

  • Some iOS devices have a Silent mode function. If activated, press the bell icon (see the screenshot below) to turn silent mode off.