When you have finished a course with WordDive and want to maintain your language skills, we encourage you to self-study. Here are some tips for doing it:

1. Language learning podcasts, listening to music and the radio in a foreign language

Listening to a podcast or radio show is an easy way to test your language skills. You can also learn languages through music: listening to music opens up your senses, stirs emotions, activates the memory, improves concentration and helps learning. Music is also a way into the local culture and language as it is commonly spoken. Listening to a foreign language is handy because you can listen AND do other things at the same time.

    2. Learning languages with Youtube

Learning languages using Youtube is also handy. For example, try the Easy Languages channel. Its videos feature interviews that are shot on the streets. All videos are subtitled in both English and the local language, so you will be able to follow the conversation even if you can't quite keep up with what you hear.

    3. Get a language buddy

The boldest language learners can try to find a native friend. By speaking and listening, your language skills develop fast, and you also get the opportunity to test your skills in real situations. You can try to find a native friend from your hometown and meet face to face. You can also look for language buddies on social media or the following services:

If you don’t have the courage for face-to-face conversations, you can also use different messaging apps, such as:

Regardless of your independent studying method, remember this one thing: You get the best results, when you enjoy studying. So don’t force yourself to study, but relax and use the methods that are the most suitable for you.