Because breaks and especially sleep will empty your short term memory, you will get the best results by practicing for short periods of time, but often. Half an hour every day of the week gives much better results than two hours on two days of the week.

If you don't know or can't guess the answer, try these:

  1. Listen
    • Learning by listening and writing will enhance your language skills quickly. 
  2. Guess
    • If you can think of something that might fit, write that in the Answer field.
    • Learning is largely a subconscious process. Let your subconscious roam and write the answer that comes to your mind without thinking too much. After only a few repetitions, you will be able to learn even the most difficult words.
  3. Look at the answer
    • See the correct answer by clicking Try.

Moreover, go to the Settings page of WordDive and make sure that the translations are on.

The WordDive method is based on forming a strong connection between the picture and the study item in the long term memory. Repetition is essential for establishing this connection. For this reason, you will learn much more by listening to or looking at the answer after a few seconds than spending a long time pondering it. Relaxing and letting go bring the best results.

Though we are constantly improving the study items, all of them can't be answered correctly on the first try. This is not the intended goal either. The most important function of the first few tries is to connect the picture you see and the word you are practicing.

Soon you will find that the picture brings the word to your mind directly in the target language, not in your native language. This way, you learn to think and act in the target language, which is the most natural way to learn and quickly leads to better language skills than the traditional, native language-based way of studying.

Even if you don't understand everything, listen to the voice models and repeat them aloud. Listening and speaking strengthens the image further in your memory and speeds up your learning.

Using WordDive when you are very tired is not recommended. Intensive studying just before bedtime can also make it difficult to fall asleep.