Like its standard definition says, a subscription is a recurring payment for a product or a service. You can subscribe to the WordDive service for a period of one month.

You can create a subscription on your PC via the online payment system PayPal. Your subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of the first period. The same method of payment that you used the first time will also be used for the next payment(s).

If you use a WordDive mobile app, you can create a subscription directly in the app. In this case, the subscription uses either Google Play (Android app) or App Store (iOS app).

Creating a subscription ensures you uninterrupted service and you will be able to access WordDive at any time. When using the subscription, you will always be protected from possible changes in the prices - you will be charged the original course price for all the recurring payments to come. There are no restrictions: you may cancel your subscription at any time. In this case, the automatic renewal of your payment will cease and no new charges will be made in the future.